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The “Dalzavod”Ship Repair Center is the main ship repair baseofRussian surface and diesel-electric submarine fleet in the Pacific. JSC “DSRC” is a well-equipped complex with high technical and production potential, which efficiently and timely performs a wide range of shipbuilding and ship-repairing operations.Today,it is a dynamically developing enterprise that is a part of the “FESRC” group of companies, which is owned by the PJSC “NK “Rosneft”group.

The enterprise plans to increase the portfolio of civil orders, alsodue to intra-group cooperation with the “FESRC” enterprises. A particularly promising directionis cooperation with the “Zvezda”SBC on completion and outfitting with all necessary equipment of the vessels built by the super-shipyard.

Mission of JSC “DSRC”:

Maintaining a high level of Russia’s defense capability and achieving the absolute quality of the works on repair of the material part of warships, auxiliary vessels, and basic floating naval and civil facilities in the term, established by the contracts (agreements).

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