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Anti-corruption management

Theft and fraud are crimes that affect not only the financial well-being of an organization, but also the well-being of every employee. The twenty-four hours “Security Hot Line”was set up as a part of implementing the Companypolicy for detection and prevention of all kinds of violations and abuse.We invite employees to actively participate in identifying situations that may negatively affect the Company reputation and do not comply with ethical standards and principles of honesty.

Information about any illegal actions (about the facts of theft, fraud and corruption) can be provided using:

To carry out a full-fledged check on the fact of the application, the latter must contain information about:

  1. The area of activity in which the violation occurred;
  2. The content of the violation and the known facts;
  3. The division of the Company in which the violation occurred;
  4. Applicant’s name (optional);
  5. Contact details of the applicant for feedback (optional).

In the case of providing reliable information that allowed to prevent damage or to compensate for damage to the enterprise, a monetary reward is provided (both as a bonus payment and as a part of incentive payments).

It is important:

  • to state as much information as possible about the violation;
  • any information about real facts is especially important, even if they may seem insignificant;
  • to refrain from unfounded suspicions.

Confidentiality and rights protection of the persons, who, in good faith reported on the problems in the Company, about possible violation of laws or corporate standards of conduct,are guaranteed.

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