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Historical Reference

Founded in 1887

hist ref 02 — Historical Reference

Vladivostok was founded in the middle of 1860. Its birth pursued a specific goal –Russia needed to establish itself in the Far East as a military and commercial power. Just a few years later, on October 26, 1887, a new enterprise appeared in the young city – a mechanical plant of the Russian Navy Department – future “Dalzavod”

Formation in 1917-1922

istoricheskaya spravka  stanovlenie — Historical Reference

The enterprise steadfastly with stood the Russian-Japanese and the First World wars, got through the years of revolutions, occupation and the Civil War.

After expulsion of the interventionists and White Guardistsfrom the Far East in 1922, the mechanical plant became the “Dalzavod” and a shipyard.

The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

hist ref 03 — Historical Reference

The enterprise played an important role in the Great Patriotic War, providing everything necessary for the front. In the first months of the war, the enterprise was quickly re-oriented to production of ammunition and small arms, “Dalzavod” workers began to make mines and shells.

During the war years, hundreds of ships were repaired and restored in the workshops and docks of the enterprise. These ships mercilessly crushed the fascists in the north and stood as an impregnable wall in the east. A third of the USSR submarine fleet was built at “Dalzavod”. According to historians, the creation of such a powerful submarine fleet did not allow militarist Japan to enter the war and to start active military actions against the USSR.

Development of ship repair, 1950

hist ref 04 — Historical Reference

In the end of the fifties of the XX century, due to the increase in the number of the Pacific Navy ships, the quantitative need for their repair increased. “Dalzavod” remained the most powerful ship repair enterprise in the region. The presence of various purposes workshops made it possible to not only repair ships and ship equipment, but also to build new ships and vessels, to manufacture equipment and devices for them. The enterprise had a slipway for building and launching ships and vessels.

Along with the repair work, “Dalzavod” carried out numerous works on modernization and re-equipment of ships and vessels, as a result of which their appearance sometimes changed so much“before” and “after” re-equipment that it was impossible to tell, that those were the same ship or vessel.

New quality, 2009

MG 0417 1 — Historical Reference

In 2009, “Dalzavod”entered the structure of JSC “FESRC”, combining the main capacities and personnel potential of the 178th military shipyard, and received a new name: JSC “Dalzavod”Ship Repair Center”. At the same time, the new enterprise became the legal successor and follower of the ship repair traditions. From that moment, the oldest shipyard of Vladivostok has been confidently operating in its new capacity.

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