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“Dalzavod” joined the donors’ action “Give Life”

The ship repair center “Dalzavod” took part in the All-Russian “Give life” actionagain. On October 23, a mobile blood receiving station was deployed at the company’s first-aid post, and 98 “Dalzavod” workers became donors.

OPREDELENIE GRUPPY 01 1 — “Dalzavod” joined the donors’ action "Give Life"

For the second time this year, JSC ”Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” took part in the “Give Life” action, which was organized by the Regional Blood Transfusion Station and the Primorsky Branch of the Russian Red Cross. During five hours of operation of the mobile station at the company, they collected almost 50 liters of whole blood, from which two components were prepared: erythrocyte suspension and plasma.

 “The need for blood components is very high, so the donors are needed every day. We are very glad that the “Dalzavod” staff is always actively involved in the action,” said Elena Gudzenko, deputy chief physician for the medical department of the SBHI “Regional Blood Transfusion Station”.

The mobile team of the blood transfusion department notes that in recent years the number of the action participants has been growing – from 90 to 150 people donate blood in one day. At “Dalzavod”, most of the donors are young employees, since the Company Youth Council makes a big contribution to the action popularity.

 “We are talking about the “Give Life” action, the donation procedure, and what privileges the donor receives. All this evokes a great response. And we are pleased with the fact that many “Dalzavod” employees, who became donors for the first time within theaction framework, regularly donate blood in the future at the Regional Station,” said EvgenyPolygalov, Chairman of the Youth Council of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”.

The participants of the action also shared their impressions.

“I have already donated blood, both within the action framework at “Dalzavod” and at the Regional Blood Transfusion Station. It seems to me that such actions are a good initiative, because many people would like to help others and donate their blood, but do not find time to come to the Blood Transfusion Station. And “Dalzavod” gives such an opportunity. I would like to wish all potential donors not to be afraid and to visit mobile and stationary blood receiving stations more often. Just half an hour of your time and 500 ml of blood can save the lives of other people,” said Ivan Sekerin, the foreman of workshop No. 3.

According to the engineer of the second category, EvgeniaPleshkevich, she became a donor for the first time, although she had been thinking about it for a long time.

“Since the action is taking place at “Dalzavod”, I decided that I must finally move from thoughts to deeds, because my blood can save someone’s life. I was a little afraid of the procedure, but everything went well – I feel great,” Evgeniasaid.

The metalworker of the workshop No. 6 Dmitry Shagarov took part in the action for the second time.

“Of course, when I came through the donation for the first time, the procedure caused some concern. However, there is nothing wrong with it, and the action is a good way to show that donation is easy, quick and painless,” he shared his impressions.

“Dalzavod” will continue cooperation with the Regional Blood Transfusion Station and the Primorsky Branch of the Russian Red Cross. The next “Give Life” action at the Company will take place in four months – in February 2020.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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