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“Dalzavod” started repairing trawler “Vladivostok”

The ship repair center “Dalzavod”, which is a part of the FESRC, started repair work on the large freezer fishing trawler “Vladivostok”.

MG 9345 — “Dalzavod” started repairing trawler “Vladivostok”

Three Company workshops are involved in the repair of the vessel’s steering gear to complete it in the shortest possible time. In the near future, “Dalzavod” plans to increase the number of commercial vessels to be repaired, paying special attention to the time and quality of work.

The large freezer fishing trawler “Vladivostok” was built in 1992 at the Black Sea shipyard. The vessel is designed for fishing in all fishing areas and climatic conditions. Operates in the Far Eastern basin.

The plans of JSC “DSRC” are to increase the portfolio of civil orders.


JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” is the only executor of the state defense order for service repair and maintenance of ships and vessels of the Pacific Navy. The Company was founded in 1887 on the territory of the Military Port of Vladivostok. Over the past five years, the Company carried out a serious modernization of workshops and equipment. The Company resumed training of the staff, including that for the targeted recruitment of specialists with higher engineering education.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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