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The modernized frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” entered the Sea of Japan to check weapon systems

The frigate will practice throw tests of missile systems in order to check the launchers reinforcement strength and ensure safety of storing weapons on board.

In the framework of sea trials, missile firing at sea and onshore targets,as well as anti-aircraft artillery firing to practice air defense missionsareplanned. Besides, checks of electronic suppression devicesand a comprehensive test of all communication equipment will be carried out.In the course of modernization, the anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov”was reclassifiedinto a frigate, that is, it became a universal ship, capable of fighting ground, surface, and underwater targets. The frigate received modern complexes of attack missile weapons “Caliber-NK”, “Uran” and the latest artillery weapons. Thus, the ship’s firepower has increased several times compared to its original designation.We should note that by the time it entered trials, the ship had acquired a complete appearance. All antenna posts have been mounted on the frigate, and the final silhouette of the renewed ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov” has emerged. Also, before the sea trials at the JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”, repair work, commissioning of weapons systems were completed, docking was made in record time, and a test in ship stability was carried out. In order to perform such a large-scale volume of work, more than 500 enterprise employees work on the frigate every day.Let us remind that “Marshal Shaposhnikov” is a Project 1155 ship, a part of the Pacific Navy. It was named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Boris Shaposhnikov and was laid in 1983 at the “Yantar” shipyard in Kaliningrad. Now, the ship is undergoing deep modernization at the JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”. The project of such a scale is being implemented in Russiafor the first time. The reliability of the repaired equipment is confirmed by extension of the service life of the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” by 10 years over the standard.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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The modernized frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” entered the Sea of Japan to check weapon systems

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