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Young specialists of “Dalzavod” became the nominees of the scientific and technical conference of PJSC “NK Rosneft

Three employees represented the team of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” at the XV Interregional Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Specialists of “Rosneft”. Their project was nominated in “New Strategic Directions” in the “Information Technology and Production Automation” section.

The designer of the 2nd category of the production technical support department (PTSD) Viktor Matveev and the robotics engineers of the 2nd category of PTSD Andrey Sakhnenko and Alexander Sych devoted their project to optimization and automation of pre-production management processes.  The head of the PTSD Andrey Kochergin was the scientific supervisor of the project.

The pre-production process is one of the most important at any enterprise. Due to its correct adjustment, the launch of production lines takes place without delay, with a complete analysis of material and labor resources. Now, software for automating the process is available, but it does not consider ship repair specifics but focuses on production from scratch. The project of “Dalzavod” young specialists was to create a comprehensive solution including the optimal design and technological pre-production process and a software module that can get integrated into the existing enterprise automation system and take into account all the nuances of ship repair processes.

Alexander Sych, Viktor Matveev, and Andrey Sakhnenko defended their project at three stages of the Scientific and Technical Conference. The first – the Regional Conference – was held at “Dalzavod”, the second – the Cluster Conference – was held among the employees of the “FESRC” group of companies. This year, the Regional Scientific and Technical Conferences were held in 97 units of the group of companies, with participation of 2,716 employees.

The final stage was the XV Interregional Scientific and Technical Conference, where the “Dalzavod” employees met other young specialists from all “Rosneft” companies. In the final, a competent jury of 83 managers and experts from the Central Office of PJSC “NK “Rosneft” reviewed 319 projects in 16 sections, and 97 young people became winners, prize-winners and nominees.

This year, the Interregional Scientific and Technical Conference was held online. The jury got acquainted with the young specialists’ projects, posted on the corporate portal. On the results of the Conference, 89 projects developed by young specialists will be recommended for implementation in production.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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Young specialists of “Dalzavod” became the nominees of the scientific and technical conference of PJSC “NK Rosneft

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