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A unique test bench is launched at “Dalzavod”

A test bench for diesel engines was put into operation in the turbodiesel shop No. 9 of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”. The equipment will allow testing and diagnostics of ICE of various models. This is the first stand ofthis kind in the Primorsky Territory and it is currently operating in test mode.

The test bench is a set of mechanisms that allows diagnostics and testing of operation of all currently available marine engines of various brands, as well as engines for special equipment. After the ICE repair, the equipment allows you to evaluate the operational parameters of the engine in all operating modes and to conduct a full range of acceptance tests.

The stand has a specialized control system – a hardware and software complex based on a panel computer with a touch screen, which provides control of the running and test modes, automatic emergency shutdown of the stand in case of deviation from the norm, as well as saving the obtained results.

Bogdan Pasechnik, the head of turbodiesel workshop No. 9 of JSC “DSRC”, notes that there are no such stands in Prymorye:

“This is unique equipment that will allow testing diesel engines directly in the workshop. Using bench measuring systems, we can determine and adjust all the necessary parameters, reveal and, as a result, quickly eliminate malfunctions before starting the ICE operation at the facility. Putting the stand into operation will significantly reduce the ICE repair time, increase the operational reliability of engines after repair, and minimize the risks of operation failures of the repaired mechanisms. “

Turbodiesel workshop No. 9 is rightfully considered the leader of “Dalzavod” modernization. The building, in which the workshop is located, fully meets the modern requirements for high-tech production. 14.5 thousand sq. m of production space, an extensive machine park and a professional team allow the workshop to carry out high-quality repair of turbines, diesel engines, refrigerator mechanisms and pumps installed on ships and vessels operating in the Far Eastern region.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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