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An employee of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” is included into the Russian Mentors’ Board of Honor

The institute of mentoring in JSC “DSRC”has been developing since the times of the USSR. Young specialists of the plant took over the experience of senior employees, and thanks to their support, they quickly joined the team and delved into production nuances. “Dalzavod” maintains glorious traditions, so the Company still retains an experienced colleague – a mentor – for young people. One of them – Anatoly Petin, thanks to his colossal work experience, was included into the Russian Mentors’ Board of Honor.

Anatoly Petin has been working at “Dalzavod” since February 1988. He began his professional career as a process engineer, and since 2002 he has been working as the head of the bureau for technological preparation of the turbodiesel shop.

Anatoly has been mentoring for over 20 years. He considers it important to participate in the development of young specialists, to promote their professional growth. Higher education can provide theoretical knowledge, but it will not provide all the necessary practical skills. Therefore, it is necessary to work a lot with young people. “This work gives me the opportunity not only to direct young specialists in the right professional direction, but also to continue to develop and improve myself,” Anatoly Petin believes.

As a rule, he mentors 2-3 young specialists annually. According to Anatoly, the periods of mentoring are always different. “Some took about six months to become ready for independent work, and some need much more time,” he emphasizes.

Anatoly Petin associates his professional future with work in the turbodiesel shop, and he also plans to continue working as a mentor for young people. He was repeatedly awarded with Certificates of Honor for his hard work, professional qualities and impeccable labor for the benefit of our Company.


The Board of Honor for Mentors of Russia is a project of NP “Central Institute of Labor” – a professional association of mentors, created in 2016 with the aim of developing the institution of mentoring in Russia.

Press service of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”

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