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“Dalzavod” completed the repair of the “Ust-Bolsheretsk” submarine

“Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”, which is part of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center(DSRC), carried out repairs and maintenance…

“Dalzavod” takes part in the IV international exhibition and conference – “OMR 2020” in St. Petersburg

The exhibition is dedicated to shipbuilding and creation of high-tech equipment for the Arctic and continental shelfdevelopment.

New tanker “RN Primorye” made the first voyage to deliver oil products from Nakhodka to Sakhalin

The new tanker “RN Primorye” made the first voyage to deliver oil products (gasoline and diesel fuel) from the port of…

“Dalzavod” became a member of the national project “Labor productivity and employment support”

JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” joined the national project “Labor Productivity and Employment Support”. The main objective of the project is…

“Dalzavod” took part in the international forum “Army-2020”

The International Military-Technical Forum “Army” is the key exhibition event of the year, which presents a large-scale and spectacular demonstration of…

An employee of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” is included into the Russian Mentors’ Board of Honor

The institute of mentoring in JSC “DSRC”has been developing since the times of the USSR. Young specialists of the plant took…

The modernized frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”went on the first sea trials in Vladivostok

The frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”under its own power went on the first sea trials in the Sea of ​​Japan to test the…

“Dalzavod” modernizes quay walls

JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” has a vast water area of ​​28 hectares with quay walls with total length of 1,200…

Tanker “RN Primorye” received an approval of the Maritime Register

The ice-class tanker “RN Primorye” was certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and received an approval.

“Dalzavod” was the first in the Far East to master the production of ship furniture

JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” is creating a ship furniture manufacturing shop. Woodworking shop No. 7 has started to make the…
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