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Dock repairs

JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center” offers cooperation in all surface works in the sphere of shiprepair. Company has an opportunity to conduct a post-voyage repair for a class of RussiaRegister of ship systems and devices at price fixed for the region.

Signing direct contracts with ship owners JSC “DSRC” always tries to find win-win solutions inprice and repair time. Company specialists carry out works on-site with possibility to position thevessel alongside water zone of the factory.

List of works, conducted during dock repairs in JSC “DSRC”:

  • Ultrasonic control of residual thickness of vessel shell plating, connection pipes with issuance ofreports for RMRS based on results;
  • Repair of outer steel hulls plating of any difficulty including change of framework;
  • Repair of outer hull plating made from composite materials;
  • Clearing and painting of underwater and upper works of a vessel;
  • Repair of sea valves;
  • Repair of ship fittings, including hydro- and pneumatic circuits, bench tests;
  • Replacement of echo sounders, installation of new echo sounders;
  • Repair of fixed pitch propellers, repair of controllable pitch propellers;
  • Repair of cycloidal propulsion units;
  • Repair of pitch actuating mechanism;
  • Repair of tailshafts, mid shafts, thrust shafts, shaft matching on a machine tool, shaft linesalignment;
  • Repair of thrust bearings, plummer blocks and propeller-shaft bearings;
  • Repair of rudder blades and rudder taps, repair of rudderhead shaft;
  • Repair of steering engines;
  • Repair of thruster propellers;
  • Repair of sword arms, fairwaters;
  • Repair of double bottom tanks, tank hatches, hydraulic or pneumatic tests of tanks forimpenetrability and sealing capacity;
  • Replacement of protectors;
  • Repair of anchor chains, anchors, anchor hawseholes.

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