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Major repair of steam and water boilers

Dismantling, repair, production and assembling:

  • Ship steam boilers of any type and brand with fittings and within collector devices.
  • Boiler blowpipes and burning installations.
  • Boiler tubes, coils for steam overheating devices, economizers and waste heat boilers.
  • Brick setting and firebrick lining for ship steam boilers.
  • Metallic hulls of outer heat isolation for steam boilers, gas pipes, heat exchange devices andother equipment repaired by workshop.
  • Gas pipes and air circuits for boilers.
  • Mufflers for gas exhaust.
  • Heat exchange devices of any type and brand.
  • Tanks, cisterns, condensers, receivers, AFS (Automatic fire suppression) and SAFFSS(submarine air-foam fire-smothering system) systems working under pressure.
  • Tanks, cisterns, boiling tanks and other technological equipment working under pressure onharvesting ships.
  • Bilge water separators of SK and STV types.
  • Water distilling installations.

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