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Repair of diesel equipment and ICE


  • Main turbine plant (fittings and auxiliary turbine engines (bypass, blowpipes, safety valves, quick-closing valves, maneuvering valves, and equipment).
  • Reducers for main engine equipment with clutches and geared attachments.
  • Auxiliary turbine plants.
  • Auxiliary plants:
    • Pumps of any type.
    • Whizzer separators.
    • Deck machinery (vertical windlass, anchor windlass, winding engines of any type, deckcranes).
    • Air compressors of any type and brand.
  • Auxiliary steam piston-type devices.
  • Internal combustion engines (ICE) with attached devices (running repair, medium repair, majorrepair, and modular exchange).
  • Diesel engine turbochargers with compensatory fitting pieces.
  • Fuel injection equipment for internal combustion engines.
  • Wire shafts for ICE and GTI gearings.
  • Repair and production of ICE mufflers.
  • Repair of ICE exhaust collectors.

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