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Laboratory services

JSC “DSRC” has eight separate laboratories:

  • Chemical analysis laboratory- composition and alloy grade analysis, as well as petrochemicalslike ship oils, diesel fuel oil, heating oil.
  • Sanitary industrial laboratory – occupational exposure control and parameter measurement ofphysical factors of labor conditions; laboratory testing of sewage water, ocean water andindustrial water samples.
  • Chemical-technological laboratory – physical and chemical tests and analysis of paintworkmaterials, glues, sealing compounds, resins, fillers, cloths, plastics, dissolvents, technologicalsolutions; research works on selection of solutions and mixes for surface cleaning and parts fromvarious materials.
  • Metrology laboratory and Laboratory of examination and repair of measuring instruments –verification and examination of measuring instruments, standards of units; metrological controland observance.
  • Nondestructive testing laboratory – control of welding of parts and products by radiographicmethod. Control of material and products quality using nondestructive methods based onpenetrant inspection (visible dye test, fluorescent dye test), magnetic particle test and ultrasonictests.
  • Destructive control testing laboratory – metallographic analysis of metals and alloys structureaimed at determining causes of defects and destruction of parts in the process of use. Tests usingproof loads and maximum loads for screws, parts and nodes of lifting and anchor devices.Control of welding quality.
  • Diagnostic laboratory – control tests of vibroacoustic characteristics of ship devices, qualitycontrol of soundproof isolation of ship devices, control of moving vibration of ships and vessels.

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