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Youth Concil

The Youth Council is a public organization cooperating with JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”. Its members are employees of the enterprise. The organization is empowered to make proposals that affect the professional growth of young specialists and young employees of the enterprise, to strengthen social guarantees and retain young specialists in the Company.

The main tasks of the Youth Council are:

  • Fostering the responsible attitude to work, the need to constantly study innovative approaches in production activities, the ability to apply them in practice.
  • Improving the business qualifications of young professionals.
  • Development of labor activity, initiative and perseverance of young specialists in the study of advanced experience and better work organization.
  • Promotion of the principles of corporate culture among young people, presence of the system of values, standards and ethical norms shared by all employees.
  • Identification of both common and individual problems of young specialists, analysis of the reasons for dissatisfaction of young specialists with their work, carrying out work on social protection of the interests of young specialists in providing benefits and guarantees, rendering assistance in resolving conflict issues with the administration.

The Youth Council provides assistance to young professionals in internships, the purpose of which is to acquire practical and organizational skills, familiarize themselves with the latest scientific, technical and industrial achievements. Members of the Youth Council take part in summing up the results of the internship and identifying the most appropriate engagement of young specialists in future work.

The Youth Council actively attracts young specialists to work in scientific and technical events. They participate in conducting scientific and technical conferences under the guidance of the Chief Engineer, organize competitions in the youth creativity, exhibitions, lectures, reports, excursions, introducing young people to the advanced achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology; assist young specialists in publishing their articles and reports.

Also, members of the Youth Council take part in special trainings, business games, thematic evenings to form the image of a modern person among young people (corporate culture of behavior, communication, style of a business person, spiritual culture, etc.).

The Youth Council participates in the organization and holding of competitions for the title of “The Best in Profession” with the active involvement of young employees of the divisions of JSC “Dalzavod” Ship Repair Center”.

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